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Birthsmarter Pro
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Birthsmarter Pro

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Birthsmarter Pro is the first of its kind, virtual continuing education workshop for Perinatal Health + Wellness Professionals. 

Through this eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, workshop practitioners will be able to better strategize and market their offerings to the perinatal population and better guide clients through everything from perineal tears to postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. 

You will walk away with : 

  • confidence in your newfound understanding of the Three Actions of Physiological Birth 
  • critical thinking about the history of obstetrics, the current state of perinatal health in the United States, and the places modern society has positively and negatively affected childbirth
  • a framework for questioning the difference between mainstream practices and optimal practices
  • the tools to set clients up for better births and advocate for better birth practices 
  • the skills to empathetically and intelligently support clients postpartum
  • curated resources to offer pregnant and postpartum clients as you grow and develop your practice 

Birthsmarter PRO covers

  • Birthsmarter’s The Three Actions (TM) : Anatomy + Physiology of Labor
  • Oxytocin, Fetal Alignment, and The Positive Feedback Loop of Labor 
  • Cervical Changes + Cervical Exams: What’s important? 
  • The Birthsmarter Five Partner Responsibilities 
  • The Stages of Labor 
  • Common interventions, including labor induction and when they may be applied
  • Hospital Vocabulary + “Birth Planning”: Triage, Monitoring, Pitocin and Pain Management
  • Pushing and the Birth of the Baby 

And includes access to: 

  • Birthsmarter’s Online Resource Directory for Perinatal Health + Wellness Practitioners 
  • Access to a private Birthsmarter Pro digital community 
  • A customized workbook