Weekend Childbirth Education

Weekend Childbirth Education

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With Ashley

Great as a standalone childbirth education foundation. We love to bundle with Postpartum Planning and Lactation + Newborn Care for a truly comprehensive education! Book all three classes in one transaction for 10% off.  All classes include you + your support team.

There is no right way to have a baby and it’s impossible to predict how your birth will unfold... However, there is a blueprint for how babies come out. (It’s actually not that complicated!) Birth Smarter’s unique Childbirth Education classes pivot away from the content in traditional birth classes (read: birth from the doctors POV + how to be a good patient) and instead, revolve around the core of our curriculum, The Three Actions of Birth and the Five Partner Responsibilities. After teaching hundreds of families and scrutinizing previous approaches, we know that our classes will prepare you to think critically and improvise like no other. In addition to teaching you what will go down under optimal conditions, we provide a framework for navigating our current medical system with confidence. 

The Weekend Intensive is a two-day class that covers:


  • Birth Smarter’s The Three Actions (TM): Anatomy + Physiology of Labor
  • Oxytocin, Fetal Alignment, and The Positive Feedback Loop of Labor 
  • Cervical Changes + Cervical Exams: What’s important? 
  • How to Move through Birth 
  • The Birth Smarter Five Partner Responsibilities 
  • The Stages of Labor 
  • Timing contractions 
  • The water “breaking” 
  • Pre-labor signs
  • Labor Coping
  • Coping with mild intensity 
  • How might contractions make you feel? 
  • Coping with high intensity 
  • Labor positions, breath work, massage techniques, visualization and additional comfort measures 
  • Getting to your birth location 
  • Hospital Vocabulary + “Birth Planning”: Triage, Monitoring, Pitocin and Pain Management
  • Induction
  • Cesarean Birth 
  • Pushing, The Pelvic Floor, and the Birth of the Baby 
  • Birthing the Placenta + The Golden Hour 
  • First Two Weeks Postpartum Q + A 

And includes access to: 

  • Our 32-page complimentary Activity Book
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Birth Smarter’s Online Resource Directory for Pregnancy + Parenting
  • Access to Birth Smarter On-Demand