Collection: New York City Classes

Birthsmarter was born in Brooklyn in 2019. 

We teach classes every month in Greenpoint at The Wild and at pop-up locations throughout Manhattan. Birthsmarter educators are available for in-home private sessions throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. 

Our Group Childbirth Education class is offered in two formats:

1) a Weekend Intensive, meeting both Saturday + Sunday afternoons with ample times for hands on practice and discussion. 
2) a One-Day Condensed course which leaves limited time for hands on practice and discussion. 

At this time we are also offering our Newborn Care and Lactation Preparation classes in-person, however our Postpartum Planning Class is exclusively offered online. 

Safety and Comfort: 😷 Masks are still highly encouraged for in-person learning. 

New York Educators: Our classes in NYC are taught by Birthsmarter Educators Yoko Lytle, Jamie Jones, and Tina McGeough. 

Class Location: The Wild is located at 272 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11222. The Emilia George Showroom is located at 285 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013. 

Pricing: The price of every class covers attendance for two adults. If you have questions about our pricing, please reference our Alternative Pricing policy. 

With all Birthsmarter classes you can expect: 
💭 uniquely engaging, thought provoking, and action-oriented lessons 
⚖️ an unbiased, non-judgmental, presentation of options 
📖 an interactive workbook
💬 access to Birthsmarter educators to ask questions and receive personalized advice 
🔑 access to Birthsmarter's curated pregnancy and parenting resources page
🎁 exclusive perks and discounts from some amazing brand partners! 
🌈 neutral language (so you can identify as a mama, mother, birth parent or anything else and watch with anyone and everyone who'll be supporting you)