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We offer all core classes in a private setting to accommodate your schedule, or we are happy to customize our curriculum to meet your individual education needs. We offer 1 to 2 hour private consultations anytime throughout pregnancy to answer questions and help you strategize. If you're looking for a private birthing class in the third trimester (to really prepare for labor and delivery), we recommend a minimum of one, 3-hour private class. 

Here is a very basic outline of the main topics you can choose from when designing a private class. If there are topics you are more or less interested in exploring, please let us know. 

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Delivery 

  • Partner Responsibilities 

  • Water Breaking 

  • Timing Contractions 

  • When to Go to the Hospital 

  • Unmedicated Pain Coping Strategies 

    • Breathing Practice 

    • Positions 

    • Massage + Comforting Touch 

    • Aromatherapy, Visualizations, Acupressure, Etc. 

  • Navigating Medical Interventions 

    • IV Fluids 

    • External Monitoring

    • Cervical Exams 

  • Medicated Pain Coping Strategies 

    • Epidural Medication 

    • Nitrous Oxide 

  • Second Stage Labor / Pushing + Delivery 

    • Directed Pushing 

    • Vacuum / Forceps 

    • Tearing 

  • Labor Induction 

  • Cesarean Birth 

  • Immediate Postpartum Adjustments 

  • Immediate Newborn Adjustments 

  • Postpartum Mood + Anxiety Disorders 

  • Lactation
Private sessions are available at a rate of $225 for 1-hour, $300 for 2-hours, $450 for 3-hours. Please note: Pay-What-You-Can is ONLY available for private classes for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ families and is based on availability. Contact us for more info.