All Things Birth and Doula


For many Black families, pregnancy and childbirth can be both a joyous and frightening experience. We know the statistics, treatment, and outcomes. How can we better prepare ourselves to birth our babies in safe and respectful environments?

This *FREE* 90-minute, interactive workshop is intended to give space to all the emotions Black expectant parents may be experiencing as well as answer questions about birthing while Black. Our intention is to separate fact from fiction, shift societal expectations, and guide families through a clear understanding of what to expect, accept, and NOT accept when it comes to hospitals, birth centers, doctors, doulas, birth classes, body workers (and more)! 

This is not a full birth class – it provides introductory information along with a Q+A. Whether you are trying to conceive or weeks away from meeting your baby, this class will help you develop a framework for making decisions. All Things Birth for Black Families is a virtual meeting, offered quarterly. 

This event will be facilitated by Black birth worker and Birthsmarter educators Jamie Jones and Rebecca Lesperance.