All Things Birth and Doula


For LGBTQIA+ expecting parents, conception, pregnancy, and childbirth come with unique considerations. Like sitting down with a professional wedding planner, the goal of this *FREE* 90-minute workshop is to bring clarity and calm to your journey in a light-hearted and interactive way. All Things Birth for Queer Families is a virtual meeting, offered quarterly. 

We will help you separate fact from fiction and walk you through the most current birth scene; what’s good when it comes to hospitals, birth centers, doctors, midwives, doulas, birth classes, body workers (and more)! 

This is not a full birth class – it provides introductory information along with a Q+A. Whether you are trying to conceive or weeks away from meeting your baby, this class will help you develop a framework for making decisions. 

This event will be facilitated by Queer birth worker and Birthsmarter educator, Beth Hardy.