Leveraging her unique expertise, creativity, and empathy Ashley Brichter consults with media companies, corporate brands, start-ups, and production companies to elevate the quality of products and messages that touch the pregnancy, birth, and parenting space.

Ashley has spoken for organizations, ERGs and communities including Hello Fresh, Coterie Diapers, Chairman Mom, Condé Nast and more.

“Ashley delivered a thoughtful, engaging workshop for our women’s employee resource group. We got rave reviews and - women left the event saying they learned more about self care, and Ashley provided a safe container for women to talk about topics they wouldn’t normally in a work setting. We are already planning a time to have her back to tackle another topic. I would highly recommend Ashley to speak to any ERG!”

- Claudia Sidoti

Head Chef + Head of Recipe Development Hello Fresh

“I do not typically gush as much about our hosts as I did last night, but I really feel like your vibe and knowledge are so comforting and important. You strike the right balance of “this is not normal and it’s messed up” and “here’s how you can take some control of your life.” It’s not an easy balance to strike in a system that wasn’t created for us. I so appreciate what you do and I have 0 feedback. Thank you again for making it approachable for our intimate group! Looking forward to doing something else in the future.”

- Megan Harding

Head of Courses and Events at Chairman Mom

“Ashley is an authority in the baby space and has a unique perspective on pre and postpartum care. Given her intimate knowledge of the category and her experience working directly with soon-to-be and new parents, she was able to help us generate new, modern ideas and reframe existing initiatives in regards to our marketing approach. ” 

- Michelle Persad

Co-Founder of Coterie