Postpartum Fitness with Jamie Jones

Postpartum Fitness with Jamie Jones

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Wednesdays 10:00am - 10:50am EST | 7:00am - 7:50am PST 
Class is held on Zoom* 

Movement can be a very integral part of healing as your body navigates the ‘I just birthed a whole human,’ phase of recovery. This 45-minute class is designed to help you regain confidence in your core, strengthen muscles that may have atrophied during pregnancy, and build endurance to keep up with your family . With a strong focus in functional movement, you’ll feel empowered and confident in your knowledge to get back into all of the  things you love that help you to feel strong and healthy. 

In postpartum breathwork, we’ll be waking up core muscle groups, get blood flowing with low-impact cardio, and tackle daily movement patterns so you can move through your day more comfortably. This class can be done with just bodyweight and enhanced with small home equipment when you’re ready

Suggested equipment: 

(All relatively inexpensive and small enough to toss in a bin and store in a closet)

  • Yoga Blocks (1-2) or a firm pillow
  • Small 9” pilates ball 
  • Small mini loop bands of varying resistance levels 
  • Ankle/Wrist weights