Sign Language for Littles: Using ASL to Boost Communication in the First Two Years of Life.

Sign Language for Littles: Using ASL to Boost Communication in the First Two Years of Life.

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Join us and guest teacher, Lisa Garrett, on July, 11 from  12:30 to 1:30 PM EST for this one-hour interactive class on using ASL to boost communication in the first two years of life. 

Research and anecdotal experiences have shown that signing with your baby will improve cognitive and emotional development. If you want to learn how to start signing with your baby, then this is the opportunity for you! This class uses ASL vocabulary, and will provide you with lots of practical strategies that you can use at home to create a signing routine with your child. This class is appropriate for parents of hearing children and of Deaf children, and it is also useful for pregnant people.

The instructor for this class is hearing, and is aware of the many issues surrounding hearing people teaching ASL. There will be a Deaf ASL instructor auditing the class, and she will access the workshop through an ASL interpreter. We want to create a great learning environment where we will bring ASL to hearing families while building bridges into the Deaf community. This class will start with the basics, and it is geared towards parents with minimal signing experience.

+ Learn the difference between ASL and Baby Sign Language

+ Understand the benefits of signing with babies and children (with big picture theory on the difference between language and communication).

+ Practice the common signs for infants and how to include them in your daily routine. (Milk, Sleep, All Done, More (and many more…)

+ How to use playtime to reinforce daily routine signs

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