9 Black-Owned Businesses That All Families Should Know About

Monday, June 8, 2020

While thinking about those of you in our community, it's clear we have one thing in common: family. In an attempt to continue sharing useful anti-racism resources, I compiled a list of 9 Black Owned Businesses that I love for family life. I think you'll love them too. Let me know if there are companies you love that are not on this list!

1. For those of you gearing up for labor, newly postpartum, or menstruating, head to The Honey Pot Company for plant-based pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. They have a great soothing postpartum pads, fyi!

2. Pur Home makes laundry detergents and plant-based, biodegradable household cleaners. Ditch the Dreft. Pur’s Free + Clear looks perfect for baby clothes!

3. If you’re ready to wear some of the parent-baby themed shirts, or are looking for a fun gift check out Kaans Designs. They created "The Original" "The Remix" shirts - but I’m honestly a bigger fan of their tote-bags.

4. If you’ve taken class with us already you know we don’t think babies need all that much stuff. That said, if you are going to buy all the gear check out Happy Mango. They’re a baby + parenting boutique in Atlanta with a great selection of car seats, strollers, nursery items and more. Email for gift cards.

5. Pretty Please Teethers (PPT) makes natural, beautiful, and minimalistic pacifiers, teethers, bibs, and loveys. I would have been happy to receive any of these items as a gift when my babies were small. Also, they’re all made in Utah and that’s amazing.

6. Similar to #4, I have to comment before introducing a prenatal vitamin. It’s all too easy to see prenatal vitamins as the magic “healthy pregnancy pill.” Like, that’s the extent of the thinking someone will put into preparing their body for pregnancy. Taking prenatal vitamins should be done in conjunction with moving your body to find alignment, flexibility, and strength as well as working on your mental health and hormonal health. That lecture aside, since many of you are taking them check out Roots and Land.

7. For your all your parenting books, kid's books, anti-racism books: The Lit-Bar is a Black Owned Bookshop in the Bronx (and your can order online!).

8. If you've got older kiddos in your life (and need birthday presents or COVID Summer Activities) I am super into Puzzle Huddle. Like I actually shopped here before I needed this list, and just love their products.

9. Coffee by, Blk and Bold. Need I say more?

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