A Mission Statement Of Sorts

Friday, August 2, 2019

In a world where it is difficult to keep sight of what is most important Birthsmarter aims to call our attention back to what is valuable. Do you notice that expectant parents spend more time choosing a stroller than they do a midwife or obstetrician? More time arranging their nursery than arranging comprehensive support for after the birth. As a business we have the power to convince you that pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period are worth investing in. If we don’t, women and families suffer and you miss the opportunity to build an intentional foundation for your family; the foundation on which I’d like our society to rest.


The way I see it, if you’re planning to start, or grow your family you’re sitting on your own _pregnant opportunity. _At_ _Birthsmarter, we believe that preparing for birth and parenting invites you to try on life-changing habits. From functional movement and pelvic health, to nutrition and stress management, leaning into birth preparations can make you not only ready for life with baby, but make your life better than it was before! Unfortunately, we’re a long way from viewing pregnancy in such a light. Especially when health care systems are forced to compromise on best-practices and short cuts are taken. In the face of our imperfect system, birthing families need work-arounds. Birthsmarter classes will equip you with the skills you need to communicate and navigate with the medical establishment in which your birth will be taking place.

This information has to be accessible to all pregnant people. Through educating and supporting health care consumers as well as educating and supporting a diverse body of teachers we can work to push society forward and address inequalities at a grassroots level. We always have pay-what-you-can spaces available and will be bringing trainings and workshops into under-resourced communities this fall.


In order to accomplish our goals, we have to teach you _really well. _We know that information is only useful if you can access it amidst deep vulnerability and exhaustion, as the experienced parents can attest. We also know that being lectured at, watching movies that make you feel like you’re in health class, or syphoning the energy of the universe to give you the power to not feel pain, are strategies that do not necessarily help you long term. We’re going to give you just enough information, presented in the right way, so you can retain it and recall it on the spot. We also provide the space to think critically and emotionally process to the information you’re hearing.

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