Which class format is right for me?

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Ok! You’re interested in taking a Birthsmarter Childbirth Education course, but you’re not sure which format and which classes are going to be best for you.

This PDF might help too.

Despite our desire to make this journey as simple as possible, we know more choices aren't always better. Hopefully this helps. (If you have more questions, reach out!)

Let’s talk in general: Should you take a class On-Demand, Live-Online, or IRL.

The answer will depend on where you live, what you do during the day, and your personal learning style.

The On-Demand Class option is ideal for self-motivated learners and want to move at their own pace, on their own time, from anywhere in the world. It is also a great option for those who have scheduling conflicts, but still want to prepare with Birthsmarter. On-Demand courses are engaging (no power-point voice overs) and as comprehensive, if not more-so than live classes since we’re able to cover every important topic without interruptions.

Live-Online Classes, are great for expectant parents who are interested in accountability, live instruction, and having the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussion from anywhere in the world.

In-Person Classes are perfect for people who value the accountability, community building, and the ability to learn through discussion. We also know folks who WFH and spend a ton of time on their computer often value being able to step into a physical space for this type of learning. Please note:

Ok, but how about the different formats of Childbirth Education specifically:

First: we promise they’re ALL good! We offer different formats make sure there are options that work with different schedules – both yours and our educators.

The 3-Class Series is offered on Zoom and occasionally in-person. This series begins with Intro to Labor and Delivery, an interactive lecture-based course that offers a comprehensive outline of labor physiology, partner support, and medical interventions. It’s followed by deep dives in Comfort + Coping and Push Prep which are experiential hands-on sessions.

The Weekend Intensive is offered in-person and meets on a Saturday + Sunday afternoon. The weekend covers the same material (Intro to Labor and Delivery, Comfort + Coping, and Push Prep) presented organically through a combination of lecture, discussion, and experiential activities.

The One-Day Condensed is a condensed version of our weekend course. We cover the same material at a faster clip and balance lecture-based learning and hands-on-practice. For folks taking the condensed Childbirth Education Course, we’ll supplement your learning with access to video lessons for any topics we’ve not covered in-depth.

Wait, why are Intro to Labor + Delivery, Comfort + Coping, and Push Prep sold separately too?

We offer these three classes Á La Carte for folks who are only interested in one or two subjects. For example, we've had clients take a traditional birth class elsewhere and feel disappointed that there was no hands-on practice or acknowledgement of the pelvic floor and want to supplement their education with Push Prep. Others may be looking for a refresher course for baby #2 or #3 and want to hop into Intro to Labor and Delivery or Comfort and Coping alone. For folks having their first baby, we highly recommend registering for a full series. The three sections feed into each other and are equally important for building your confidence.

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