What Makes Birthsmarter Different?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Deeply rooted in education theory and mindful pedagogy, Birthsmarter classes go far beyond the basics of what to expect when you're expecting.

Take a second and consider your favorite teacher. The best class you ever took... Did you feel curious? Interested? Excited? Expansive?

Did your fundamental understanding about something you previously took for granted change?

We cherish those memories, chase that feeling, and strive to ensure that Birthsmarter courses and support groups leave with a similar feeling. Because, otherwise why bother? If you can Google it. Go for it. If you want to understand something though, as in truly understand…. there’s a huge difference between being taught by an “expert” and being taught by an educator.

Here are 4 guiding principles we've lived by since day one:


Between driver’s ed and professional development seminars, we’ve all been trained to cautiously approach obligatory learning. Here’s the thing: in order to birth, parent, and live _well_ in a society that capitalizes on our self-doubt, we need to stop relying on "experts" who tell us what to do and learn to make our own informed decisions. In order help you do this, we present curated information alongside the HOW and the WHY so you can retain and recall the most critical information when it matters most.


Do we teach “evidence-based” classes at Birthsmarter? YES! However, we have some beef with the term and want to raise the bar. At Birthsmarter, we think of good science as an investigatory process rather than just body of knowledge and we don’t believe the parenting-pendulum should swing, ad nauseam, based on the latest study. GOOD SCIENCE places current research in the context of evolution, biology, and history. We balance the latest findings with critical thinking and common sense in order to make recommendations about how to get you and your family off to the best start.


The way we see it: you’re sitting on A Pregnant Opportunity. When done well, preparing for birth and parenting invites you to try on habits that can positively affect your personal growth and development, across all facets of life. All of our classes plant seeds to move you toward a healthier body, a balanced mind, and a resilient relationship.


Childbirth, parenting, and for-profit businesses are inextricably linked in today’s world. We believe a future exists where success in business does not come at the expense of human labor or environmental protection. We are proud to advocate for small and large social, political, and economic changes that will improve the lives of families and protect the future of our planet. We know that the best way forward is to practice what we preach. As a business, we are dedicated to treating employees with respect and dignity, paying for and valuing peoples’ time. We are working to build a culture of mutual respect and participation between and among our employees.

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