Renting Baby Clothes Isn’t Just About Fashion

Thursday, November 10, 2022

_Here’s How Changing the Way You Shop Can Bring More Purpose into Your Parenting by Rent A Romper _

Here at Rent-a-Romper we often hear about the hopes, dreams, and fears parents have for their family and their kids. Interestingly, the hopes and dreams typically live at the other end of the spectrum from the fears and challenges we all experience once we have a child.

When I was playing with the idea that eventually became Rent-a-Romper, I was thinking a lot about raising my own two boys in today’s world. I was fearful about climate change and the state of our planet, yet also hopeful about the possibility of change as more companies and people start to shift their production and consumption habits. And, while I wanted to make our family life more sustainable, I was also overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list that comes with being a parent. Especially the constant shopping every time one of my boys grew (which felt like every other week).

I couldn’t stop thinking about finding a way to: 1) Reduce the load on parents (especially moms), and 2) Lessen the burden on our planet.

Because it’s typically so wasteful, fashion was the perfect candidate. While it may seem superficial, it’s actually integral to the way we parent. Our clothing is filled with tiny expressions of our identity, our creativity, and our love for our children. What parent doesn’t want their little one to be dressed comfortably and adorably in the softest fabrics? Clothing is often our babies’ first point of contact with the outside world so how we dress them matters.

And, on a more practical note, kids grow fast. Really fast. By the time a baby turns 1, they have likely tripled their birth weight and grown through at least 5 sizes of clothing. Our little ones are only wearing their clothing for days or weeks at a time!

At Rent-a-Romper, we believe that rental clothing for kids just makes sense. For your babies as they grow—for you as a parent—and for our planet.

Outgrown clothing often makes its way into the landfill—even when people are careful to donate it to a thrift store or resell it (_we wrote about that here)_. That’s why I decided to use a fully circular model that keeps clothing on babies until it is ready to retire. Then, when the clothes are no longer usable, they get recycled or upcycled into something new. We’re proud to say, so far, we haven’t sent a single item to the landfill.

Most parents want to be more sustainable but feel overwhelmed by all of the options and lifestyle changes they have to make. Renting is easy. You don’t need to comb through racks looking for organic fabrics (that are actually affordable). All you have to do is tell us what styles you like and what you need, and our team will make it happen. Whether you choose our all-organic Premium Membership or our Essentials Membership, you’re making a sustainable choice. You literally can’t get it wrong.

Both membership options include unlimited swaps, reusable packaging, free shipping both ways, and a lot of care and support from our awesome community of parents consuming differently. Need a tiny dress or suit for the holidays? Swimming suits for a winter vacay to the beach? Snow pants for a ski trip? We've got parents covered with year-round short-term rentals too.

We know renting is a different way of thinking about shopping so we’re available to answer questions, help families get started and provide support. Reach out anytime at or come see us on Instagram or TikTok.

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By Lauren Gregor, Founder & CEO, Rent-a-Romper

Lauren Gregor is a mom of two boys and the founder and CEO of Rent-a-Romper, a baby clothing rental company that’s helping parents get through the early years—all while reducing fashion waste and overproduction. Prior to starting her own company, Lauren worked in strategy and operations across industries including transportation and education.

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