Dad's Meet Up

We hop online the first Thursday of every month at 8:30pm EST to chat about life & babies.

Adjusting to fatherhood is rarely straightforward, especially while trying to unlearn outdated gender norms. When a baby is born, you're thrown into an incredibly high stakes job with huge demands on your time, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. You're asked to function, beyond your typical capacity, as a parent and a partner despite sleep deprivation, lack of experience, and ever-changing benchmarks. In this casual and supportive group, we invite new and expectant fathers to join us on the first Thursday of every month and in our private chat community between meetings. Drop-ins are welcome!

This class is free for anyone who’s registered for another Birthsmarter course or group. Use code DADJOKES to register.

What’s Covered

While the discussions will follow the needs and interest of the folks who log on we often address:

What’s Included

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