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The Lactation Class

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The Birthsmarter Lactation ClassΒ Β is offered in twoΒ formats:Β 
πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»Live-Online | πŸ“In-Person in Brooklyn, NYΒ 

This is the class we wished we had before attempting to feed our babies!
We'll cover:

  • The secrets to getting a great latch (nursing does not have to be painful!)
  • Milk production and why the timing of feeds really matters (cluster feeds, growth spurts, etc)
  • How to know your baby is getting enough milk
  • Breast care and troubleshooting clogged ducts, mastitis, and thrushΒ 
  • Tongue ties + other possible complicationsΒ 
  • Pumping, hand expression, storage, and alternative feeding optionsΒ 
  • Changing patterns within the first 24 hours, first two weeks, and first few months Β 
  • Ways partners can support the nursing parent
  • Oh, and a lot about the general awesomeness of breastmilk!

Our goal is to lay a strong foundation and give you the resources you’ll need for navigating the seemingly uncharted territory that lies ahead! Partners are strongly encouraged to attend.

While great as a standalone class, we love to bundle with Postpartum Planning and Newborn Care for a comprehensive education! Book all three classes in one transaction for 10% off with the code BUNDLE. All classes include you + your support team.

If finances are a concern:
Please reach out about Alternative Pricing.
We work to ensure that no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.