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On-Demand Childbirth Education

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Birthsmarter's unique curriculum offers information and practice that will enable you and your partner to think critically and improvise during high stakes moments. We incorporate the best elements of Lamaze, Hypnobirthing, and the Bradley Method and present curated, relevant, and scientifically rooted information in a straightforward, funny, and compassionate manner.

With our On-Demand Childbirth Education class you will learn the fundamentals of the Birthsmarter approach: The Three Actions
of birth, the Five Partner Responsibilities, and so much more. 

What's Included: 
⏱ 7+ hours of "all meat and no fluff" video content over 45 lessons
💛 Unbiased, non-judgmental, presentation of options (because you might get an epidural if you didn't want one and not get one if you did)
📔 A 50+ page, custom designed, fun workbook
🔑 Access to Birthsmarter's curated pregnancy and parenting resources page and exclusive partner perks and discounts 
💬 Office hours and access to Birthsmarter educators to ask questions as you go  
㏄ Fully Captioned Videos 

Course Overview 
Section 1: Welcome + Birth History 
Section 2: Birth Anatomy + Labor Physiology 
Section 3: Partner Responsibilities 
Section 4: Labor Day Logistics 
Section 5: Comfort + Coping (with and without pain medication) 
Second 6: Hospital Vocabulary and Medical Interventions including Labor Induction 
Section 7: Preparing the Pelvic Floor for Pushing 
Section 8: Pushing Considerations 
Section 9: Immediate Postpartum Recovery 
BONUS HOUR: Cesarean Birth + Recovery

What props/tools are required for class?
If you’re watching On-Demand it might be helpful to have some props for the Comfort + Coping section of class:

  • An inflated birth ball
  • A chair with no arms (a kitchen chair or folding chair)
  • A body pillow/yoga bolster/two bed pillows
  • A tennis ball or other massage tool
  • A big scarf (like a classic Pashmina)
  • A water bottle with a straw top, or a glass of water with a straw
  • A heating pad
  • Lotion or oil, perhaps with a scent you enjoy
We love to bundle this class with our Postpartum Planning, Lactation (Not So) Basics, and Newborn Care classes for a truly comprehensive

What some of our students have had to say: 
"I tried another class that I hated, and then I was lucky enough that a friend showed me a few videos from Birthsmarter's On-Demand class. I purchased it right away. I felt SO MUCH more prepared after watching these videos and we didn't even make it through all of them. THANK YOU!" - Chelsea 

"This offers a very neutral / non-bias approach to the whole birthing process which I really respected. There is so much pro-natural birth content out there (because I believe it's in fashion right now), so it was refreshing to absorb the information in a totally neutral context. This then enabled us to make up our own mind knowing full well that we couldn't actually plan how things will go down." - Helen 

If finances are a concern:
Please reach out about Alternative Pricing.
We work to ensure that no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.