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Birth Smarter

Postpartum Planning

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Postpartum Planning is offered👩🏽‍💻Live-Online 

Do you feel prepared for life in the immediate days and weeks after childbirth? 

Too many people prepare for the birth itself or life with a newborn but don’t know to think about the postpartum experience for the adults at home. In order to encourage a seamless physical recovery, decrease your likelihood of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, and increase family bonding we encourage you to talk through the moving parts of postpartum life before you give birth!

We'll cover: 

  • The Body After Birth, including big picture Healing + Hormones, Movement, Fitness, and Physical Therapy 
  • Emotional Wellness, including Mental Health, Self Care, and Community Support 
  • Postpartum Nutrition, and meal preparation 
  • Sleep For The Whole Family, myths versus tips 
  • Postpartum Planning, how to plan on, ask for, and accept help including the differences between a postpartum doula and a baby nurse, and anyone else you might want in your circle of support.
  • Essential products and resources for self-care

You’ll walk away with strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship with your newborn as well as your partner.

This class is a must-take for all first time parents.
Partners are HIGHLY encouraged to attend and the price includes two adults. 
Recording can be made available to those who cannot attend live. 

Great as a standalone class, but we love to bundle this class with our Lactation (Not So) Basics and Newborn Care classes for a comprehensive education! Book all five classes in one transaction for 10% off with the code BUNDLE. All classes include you + your support team.