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Push Prep

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Push Prep can be taken alone or as a part of our Childbirth Education classesΒ for those looking for a more comprehensiveΒ experience.Β 

β€œI still don’t understand how I am going to get this baby out of my body!” 
-birthing people everywhere

Pushing can be the most dramatic phase of childbirth but often comes without instructions, even in long form childbirth classes (there is never enough time!).

In this 2-hour class we will start with anatomy and walk you through the bony pelvis, pelvic floor muscles, fetal alignment, and breathing techniques so you can understand the physiology of pushing. You will practice pelvic floor contractions and relaxation, as well as various pushing positions to help train your body for the main event.Β Class is relevant and important for those planning a medicated or unmedicated birth!Β 

With additional resources, we’ll work together to make an action plan for at-home practice! With an intense focus on alignment, posture, and pelvic health this class is a must-take for every pregnant person. It has the added benefit of preparing folks for postpartum pelvic floor recovery as well.Β 

Great as a standalone class for those who are looking for a refresher, planning for a VBAC, or already took a childbirth education class. Push Prep is a part of our Childbirth Education classesΒ for those looking for a more comprehensiveΒ experience.Β Pair withΒ Postpartum Planning, Lactation (Not So) Basics, and Newborn Care classes for wrap around preparation! All classes include you + your support team.