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Second Time Around | Survival Group

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Our Second Time Around Survival Group is open to anyone who's welcomed more than one baby into their family and wants to process the baby days as well as sibling adjustments. We will meet once a week for six weeks online and stay in touch with each other between sessions, and for as long as you'd like after the series ends via a private chat group. 

The conversation topics will fluctuate organically, but over the six weeks we will discuss it all - and how it may all be different than last time! 
  • Birth processing
  • The baby blues and postpartum mood disorders
  • How to manage splitting your attention and the increase demand on your time
  • Sleep strategies for the whole family
  • Parenting philosophies
  • Co-parenting and changing identities and family dynamics
  • Postpartum rehab, fitness, and pelvic health
  • Self-care while parenting

We know it might feel awkward to sign-up for this sort of thing, but feel confident you'll meet the people who will become your go-tos for venting, normalcy checks, and getting advice. You'll find a safe space to be totally vulnerable with other people stuck in the exact same weeds you're in. 

This group is open to all second time moms / birth parents who are in the first six months postpartum. 

If finances are a concern:
Please reach out about Alternative Pricing.
We work to ensure that no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.