Delicious Nutrition: an Interview with Chiyo

Friday, June 18, 2021

No matter who you are, there have been times you just really wanted a meal that was easy, healthy, and delicious. Not asking much, right? Our friends at Nouri have been filling that gap for folks who are trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum with incredibly tasty, thoughtful and creative meals. When we heard about Nouri, we at Birthsmarter collectively lost our minds. This is what we’ve been talking about in our Postpartum Planning classes!

We were so excited that we recently sat down with culinary director and cofounder Jennifer Jolorte Doro to learn more about how they support families.

What are the biggest nutritional concerns in postpartum? (Why is postpartum nutrition important?)

Nutrition postpartum is important because the environment can create a perfect storm of poor health. You are typically exhausted from the birth process, not sleeping well and maybe breastfeeding or pumping as well as fluctuations in hormones. Naturally, as pregnant, the body will prioritize the health of the baby and nutrients in milk production so the pregnant person is typically depleted. It is then vital that during pregnancy and especially postpartum, a balanced diet is encouraged to produce sustained energy, nutrients in breastmilk and aid in postpartum depletion.

How did Chiyo come about?

Nouri is an extension of my private postpartum chef practice which I created about 5 years ago. It allows a wider range of individuals to take advantage of the necessity of postpartum care versus at a costly private chef price.

What are your top five ingredients at Chiyo?

Nori (seaweed), ginger, sesame seeds, spinach, rice

Should seasonality be considered? 

Seasonality is extremely important for various reasons. Environmentally, what is grown in season uses less effort within agricultural practices. ie. Tomatoes/Strawberries aren't being grown in another part of the world/country to then be transported before ripe into a store. Food at the peak of season are typically cheaper because they require less energy/effort to be grown out of season and are at the peak of their nutritional value ie. Asparagus is always cheaper in their short growing season in the spring.

If someone can’t do meal delivery service - or they could only do it for a short time - what are some other options for getting nutrient-dense meals in?

Some of our favorite resources include: The First 40 Days, The Fourth Trimester and How to Eat with One Hand. You can prep energy bites which can simply include almond butter, chia seeds, oats and dates or bone broth like Brodo.

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