Fourth Trimester Survival Group

A 6-week series for birth parents in the first 12-ish weeks of parenting. Come as you are for support, advice, and connection.

Our Fourth Trimester Survival Groups is ideal for all birth parents of babies 0-12 weeks old. We meet at The Wild in Brooklyn once a week for six weeks with a Birthsmarter educator. Participants stay in touch with each other between sessions, and for as long as they’d like after our series ends via a private chat group.

We know it might feel awkward to sign-up for this sort of thing, but you can feel confident that you'll meet the people who will become your go-to for venting, normalcy checks, and getting advice. You’ll find a safe space to be totally vulnerable with other people stuck in the exact same weeds as you.

What’s Covered

Over the six weeks we will discuss it all, including but not limited to:

What’s Included

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