Edmonton, Canada

Award-Winning Childbirth Education.

As our tiny team moves around the country, Birthsmarter follows!

We're excited to announce that Chantal Eder is now offering Birthsmarter's Comfort + Coping Class in Edmonton, Canada.

Class dates are limited as we expand our reach in this new community, but please tell us what you're thinking / looking for and we'll send you our best recommendations so you don't have to make these decisions alone.

We'd love to work with you!

All Birthsmarter classes include:

πŸ““ A Custom Workbook

πŸ’‘Access to Birthsmarter's curated pregnancy and parenting resources page, including instant and lifetime access to a growing video-tutorial library

πŸ”‘ Exclusive partner perks and discounts to dozens of amazing products and services like Squatty Potty, Rent-A-Romper, and Get Mom Strong

πŸ’¬ Weekly office hours and access to Birthsmarter educators

πŸ’› Unbiased and non-judgmental presentation of options

🌈 Inclusive Language


Check out the FAQs, or read more to see if you even need childbirth ed or what makes Birthsmarter different. Still have questions? Send us a text (801 200 3228) or an email ( and we'll talk you through it.