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Fourth Trimester Survival Group

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Our Winter + Springs Cohorts are open to first, second, and third time parents! 

“Therapy is good, but this is really good.” ⁠- Kate B. FTSG Graduate 

"I cannot overstate how helpful the fourth trimester support group was for me, and hence my baby. I thought I wouldn’t have time for it, but it saved me time and worry through the power of solidarity & validation from the members, as well as Ashley’s supportive expertise. It was amazing to see so many moms navigating the same things that I was, saving me from otherwise several unnecessary calls to my pediatrician. The ongoing cohesion of our group is invaluable; I am grateful to hold hands with the moms I’ve met on our shared journeys into motherhood." - Amanda M FTSG Graduate

⁠Our Fourth Trimester Survival Groups is ideal for all birth parents of babies 0-12 weeks old. We meet on Zoom once a week for six weeks with a Birthsmarter educator. Participants stay in touch with each other between sessions, and for as long as they’d like after our series ends via a private chat group. 

Over the six weeks we will discuss it all, including but not limited to:

  • Birth processing 
  • The baby blues and postpartum mood disorders 
  • Infant feeding 
  • Sleep strategies for the whole family 
  • Parenting philosophies 
  • Co-parenting and new identities 
  • Postpartum rehab, fitness, and pelvic health
  • Self-care while parenting

We know it might feel awkward to sign-up for this sort of thing virtually, but feel confident you'll meet the people who will become your go-to people for venting, normalcy checks, and getting advice. You'll find a safe space to be totally vulnerable with other people stuck in the exact same weeds you're in – without the judgement that comes from talking to people you know IRL.

If finances are a concern:
Please reach out about Alternative Pricing.
We work to ensure that no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.