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New Dad Survival Group

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This group is offered 👨🏽‍💻 Live-Online. 

Adjusting to fatherhood is rarely straightforward, especially while trying to unlearn gender essentialism. When a baby is born, you're thrown into an incredibly high stakes job with huge demands on your time, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. You're asked to function, beyond your typical capacity, as a parent and a partner despite sincere lack of experience, interrupted sleep, and ever-changing benchmarks.  

In this cohort based group, we invite new-ish dads to join us for four weekly meetings online and a private chat community between and beyond our meetings.

Each week we will have time for real time troubleshooting and community building. While the discussions will follow the needs and interest of each cohort we will always address to following topics: 

+ The Daily Grind (sleep + eating for the whole family)
+ Infant Development (stages of development, play + bonding)
+ Relationships 102 (how to be a supportive partner and have a thriving relationship despite the demands of parenthood)
+ Taking care of yourself (self-care, emotional well-being, parenting sustainability, and developing strategies to manage this enormous transition)

This series will be co-facilitated by Birthsmarter Founder, Ashley Brichter and Men's Coach Daniel Bernado 

If finances are a concern:
Please reach out about Alternative Pricing.
We work to ensure that no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.