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NYC Childbirth Education

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Join us in NYC for a Birthsmarter Childbirth Education Course at The Wild (272 Driggs Ave, Greenpoint BK) or Bright Horizons (20 Pine St, FiDi, Manhattan).

Classes are offered in 3 formats:ย 

  • Theย Weekend Intensive meets both Saturday + Sunday which leaves times for hands on practice, discussion, and community building.ย 
  • The Weeklyย Seriesย allows for community building and has ample time for hands on practice in Comfort + Coping and Push Prep. Class 1, on Labor + Delivery is lecture based.ย 
  • Theย One-Day Condensedย is best for folks who are ready for an information packed day. This course offers a faster paced version of the other two with enough hands on practice to build confidence and comes with access to online video lessons for more in depth learning.ย 

๏ปฟIf these dates don't work for you or if a class is sold out, head here to explore our classes that meet live-online or head here to register forย ourย On-Demand course that's available anytime, anywhere.ย 

Each format covers:ย 

  • Labor + Delivery 101
    • Birthsmarterโ€™s The Three Actionsโ„ข of Birth and Five Partner Responsibilities
    • Oxytocin and The Positive Feedback Loop of Labor
    • Cervical Changes + Cervical Exams: Whatโ€™s important?
    • How to #KeepItMoving Through Birth
    • The Stages of Labor
    • Timing Contractions
    • The Water โ€œBreakingโ€
    • Pre-Labor Signs
    • Getting to Your Birth Location
    • Hospital Vocabulary + โ€œBirth Planningโ€: Triage, Monitoring, Pitocin and Pain Management, and Labor Induction
  • Comfort + Coping
    • Labor Positions
    • Breath Work
    • Partner Massage Techniques
    • Mantras, Affirmations + Visualizations
    • Additional Comfort Measures
  • Push Prepย 
    • Posture, Alignment, + Breath for Pelvic Healthย 
    • Fetal Alignmentย 
    • Pushing Positionsย ย 

Registrationย Includes:ย 

  • 60-page interactive workbookย book, including our Birth Planning Guide and Hospital Packing List
  • Access to Birthsmarter's Online Resource Directory for Pregnancy + Parentingย 
  • Gender Neutral Language
  • Weekly Office Hours on Zoom
  • Partner Perks + Discountsย 

The Birthsmarter Childbirth Education Course DOES NOT includeย Newborn Care,ย the Lactation Class, orย Postpartum Planning. These are available as a series, or ร La Carte.ย ย ย 

When should Iย take Childbirth Education?
Ideally, you would take childbirth education classes between week 28 and week 34. Some clients start as early as week 24 and others find us around week 38. Itโ€™s never too early and itโ€™s never too late!ย 

    Wait, why are Labor + Delivery 101, Push Prep and Comfort + Coping sold separately elsewhere on the site?ย We also offer these three classes ร La Carte for folks who are only interested in one or two subjects. For example, we've had clients takeย a traditional birth class elsewhere and feel disappointed that there was no hands-on practice or acknowledgement of the pelvic floor and want to supplement their education with Comfort + Coping or Push Prep. Others may be looking for a refresher course for baby #2 or #3.

    Rest assured, everything you can select here ๐Ÿ‘† covers all three subjects! And 99% of the time, we recommend first time parents take this option instead of choosing individual subject matters. The sections feed into each other and are all equally important.ย 

    If finances are a concern:
    Please reach out about Alternative Pricing.
    We work to ensure that no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

    The registration price includes attendance for two people.ย